Finally getting around to posting these set of photos! They show my gift I sent to Aidan for his birthday on 19th June. Top pic is the mailing tube that I sent the gift in, the second pic down shows the letter I sent with the gift. Third pic down is the gift itself, the rules and regulations on how the play pool all in Finnish! The final and best photo of Aidan ever, as far as I’m concerned, himself posing with my gift! ROTFL

Would you just look at that lovely, sexy, sweet smile, just for me?! Jealous much?! I totally freaked out when I first saw this photo on my Twitter feed via my cellphone, couldn’t believe what I was seeing!! Even now, whenever I look at this photo of Aidan, I start giggling like a teenager, which I most definitely am not!! OMG what are you doing to me Aidan!?! *dies from delight*

Fabulous photos tweeted by Official Poldark and the Beeb of Aidan at his birthday party last night somewhere in Cornwall! I can see my gift, the brown tube with the big white address label down the front of the table! Looks Aidan had a wonderful birthday party!!

Disclaimer: This is an original post, not a re-post! If someone has already posted these same photos in a blog, than it’s by pure coincidence, I have not seen anybody else’s blog with these photos!!



Two lovely off camera, on set photos of Aidan from the Charlestown filming this week that deserve a post of their own :)

Via this West Briton article

Thanks for finding these and they do indeed deserve a post of their very out, Aidan doffing his hat for the camera, the joker!